We are hiring!!

We are hiring!!

We are looking for new office staff, Dutch nationals, with international living and/or working experience. Reliable and creative personalities able to deal with life’s inevitable disappointments in a mature way. IT literate & down to earth working attitude, strong administrative skills and strong people skills are a prerequisite. No 9 to 5 attitude but putting up your sleeves and working hard for the fun of it.

We offer a personal working environment where you are an important part of the team, supporting your colleagues and getting support from them in return. Flexible hours, full time (32 hours at minimum) and training on the job if needed.

The Job?

International Mobility Coordinator

What does it entail?

Assisting our customers relocating to the Netherlands with immigration, home finding, settling in and departing again.

We ask!

University degree or Higher Education

Driving licence

Positive outlook on life, healthy curiosity and pleasure in service delivery

Contact me if you believe this is the job for you and we’ll have a talk!!