Update on Lease Market in NL

Continuous research on the housing market in the Netherlands shows that the total market for people looking for a place to live in general is shifting from buying a home towards renting. This is of course due to the economic situation and outlook to the future. Secondly, it is also due to discussions in the government about the deductibility of mortgage rent. If, how and when this will become effective is at this time not clear, yet it seems to be heading towards a significant change too.

Since it has become more difficult to sell a home in the Netherlands, the offer of Dutch houses for rent has increased. The banks are not always flexible to cooperate, but research shows an increase of 80% more houses rented out Q2 2011 versus Q2 2012*. That is an impressive number.

Since it has become more difficult to get a mortgage for Dutch starters f.i. with a spendable budget anywhere between €600 and €1.200, this group is now looking into renting and not only in the protected market for which there usually is a waiting list. They are now also crowding the liberated market.

Not only has the activity on the lease market in general grown with 34% in 2012, currently it has even outgrown the buying market*. Lease prices do fluctuate on the shorter term, but are more or less stable over a longer period of time.

How do these market developments affect the chances of the international workforce coming to NL and looking for a home to rent?

We believe that it is not the availability of suitable homes, nor is it the price level that will be the limiting factor when looking for a home.

What will make the difference, as always, is the professionalism and thoroughness of the real estate agent, his networking ability to work together with his colleagues and competitors and his relationships with his homeowners. These quality benchmarks, which you can only determine through continuous experience and cooperation, together with his willingness to lower the agent fee (courtage) whenever possible, will qualify him to work with us when supporting your employees in their relocation to the Netherlands.


*source Pararius