GDPR compliant with a little…

… help from our Friends!!

A big thank you to all our team members for their contribution towards GDPR compliance! It was a very successful meeting last week, where we all became more aware of the increased processing of digital data and the need to protect it. The meeting started with showing the trailer of the WikiLeaks film “The Fifth Estate” pointing the attention to the somewhat grim effect of data leaking, and finished with a brainstorm session about how our field consultants could contribute to being compliant.

We also had a chance to introduce our new colleagues Danielle and Jochem, and at the same time say goodbye to Saskia. A special thanks to our colleague Rachel Viersma for her wonderful pictures of our meeting!

Letty & Jochem, Danuta Saskia 1 Danielle Teammeeting GDPR Taking GDPR notes Goodbye Saskia

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