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Brexit, what else?

As of midnight 31 January 2020, Brexit is no longer a theoretical debate but a fact of life. However, due to the 11-month transition period running until the very end of the year, nothing will immediately change for British nationals registered in the Netherlands. Until the end of 2020, British nationals registered in the Netherlands […]

i-Mobility joins Eres Relocation

Dear visitor, It gives me great pleasure to let you know that as per January 2020, i-Mobility Relocation joined Eres Relocation.  Backgrounderes was founded in 2007 by Elaine Hery and José Antonio de Ros, who have both been in the Mobility Industry since the early 90’s. Today, eres is a renowned and privately-owned Destination Services Provider (DSP) with 8 offices in Spain, […]

Highly skilled migrants in 2020

Highly Skilled Migrants in 2020 As they do every year, the IND has raised the salary criteria for highly skilled migrants for next year. When negotiating salaries to bring new transferees to the Netherlands, please keep the following minimum gross monthly salaries in mind for applications received by the IND in 2020: Highly skilled migrants 30 years […]

30% ruling in 2020

Salary requirement 30% ruling Increase minimum salary requirement for 2020 One of the conditions to be eligible for the 30% ruling is to be able to show a ‘specific expertise’ in the form of a minimum annual salary in the Netherlands. The Belastingdienst annually raises this minimum salary requirement. For 2020, the two salary options are: For […]

We are hiring again!

If you think below description fits you like a glove and you are looking for a new adventure in your career, then we invite you to contact us straight away! Please not only send your CV, but write us a letter letting us know why you would like to join our team. You You are a […]

Re-certified for EuRA Global Quality Seal

I am very proud to let you know that, as of 9 April 2019, we are re-certified and allowed to carry the EGQS for yet another two years.    Thank you Sybil (DQS), for your enthusiasm and as ever valuable remarks and advise. We’ll take all of your recommendations to heart and continue to build on the […]

Welcome to our new colleague

Welcome Anke, You’ve been with us for a couple of months already and it’s about time to let everyone know that we are very happy to have you as part of our team! From early on, Anke has had a deep interest for travelling. Straight out of high school, she grabbed her chance to go […]

30% ruling in 2019

Salary requirement and shorter duration 30% ruling Minimum salary requirement over 2018 excluding allowance One of the conditions to be eligible for the 30% ruling is to be able to show a ‘specific expertise’ in the form of a minimum annual salary in the Netherlands. For 2018, the two salary options were: For employees aged 30 […]