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30% ruling in 2019

Salary requirement and shorter duration 30% ruling Minimum salary requirement over 2018 excluding allowance One of the conditions to be eligible for the 30% ruling is to be able to show a ‘specific expertise’ in the form of a minimum annual salary in the Netherlands. For 2018, the two salary options were: For employees aged 30 […]

Salary requirements 2019

Highly Skilled Migrants in 2019 As they do every year, the IND has raised the salary requirements for highly skilled migrants for next year. When negotiating salaries to bring new transferees to the Netherlands, please keep the following minimum gross monthly salaries (excluding holiday allowance) in mind for applications received by the IND in 2019: […]

The Dutch and Hierarchy

Have a look at below film! This is our PM Mark Rutte and what he does is so typically Dutch! The Welcome Kit which we present to our customers carries the book “Dealing with the Dutch” written by Jacob Vossestein. Although he wrote it some time ago, the Dutch values he describes are of all […]

Welcome to our new colleague!!

I am proud to introduce Jochem Lindelauf to you. Jochem studied International Relations and International Organization in Groningen, Netherlands and recently moved to Amsterdam. He has a background of working in civil society and European youth work with a special focus on democratization in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. He also lived and worked […]

GDPR compliant with a little…

… help from our Friends!! A big thank you to all our team members for their contribution towards GDPR compliance! It was a very successful meeting last week, where we all became more aware of the increased processing of digital data and the need to protect it. The meeting started with showing the trailer of […]

Opinie over voorgenomen versobering 30% regeling

De tussentijdse looptijdverkorting van de 30%-regeling voor bestaande gevallen is voor Leo Stevens de zoveelste bevestiging dat respect voor de bestuurlijke beginselen kennelijk niet meer in de genen zit van onze bestuurders. “Een trieste constatering,” vindt de emeritus hoogleraar fiscale economie van de EUR. Looptijdverkorting ook voor bestaande gevallen Het kabinet wil per 1 januari […]

We are ready for May 25th, the GDPR deadline!

We had a very successful team meeting this week, during which we discussed the GDPR preparations we have been undertaking so far. The 8 main principles for the processing of personal date once formulated by OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) in 1980 still hold today. GDPR is about these 8 principles: 1. Collection […]

Job Opening

After welcoming our new colleague Danielle, we are looking for yet another new colleague!! The job? International Mobility Coordinator, assisting our customers relocating to the Netherlands with immigration, home finding, settling in and departing again, Full time (32 hours at minimum), Training on the job, if needed. We ask! A candidate between 30 – 55 […]

Welcome to our new colleague!!

I am proud to introduce Daniëlle de Groot, our new colleague, to you! With a background in operations and event management, Daniëlle has worked in an international environment for over 20 years. After having lived and worked in Switzerland for 4.5 years, she moved back to the Netherlands with her family in 2006 and has […]

We are hiring!!

We are hiring!! We are looking for new office staff, Dutch nationals, with international living and/or working experience. Reliable and creative personalities able to deal with life’s inevitable disappointments in a mature way. IT literate & down to earth working attitude, strong administrative skills and strong people skills are a prerequisite. No 9 to 5 […]